Our Horseback Riding Tour into the Cotopaxi National Park is the best option for those seeking to explore the nature of the Andes and surrounding volcanos. After climbing 1000 meters, we will arrive in a different realm, passing the lagoon and memerizing as the sun sets on the Cotopaxi tip. Keep your eyes peeled for wild horses, rabbits, birds and deer along the way! Saddle up for a trek of a lifetime, diving into the true heart of adventure. 

Nuestra cabalgata de 2 a 3 días en el Parque Nacional Cotopaxi es la mejor opción para explorar el inigualable ambiente de la naturaleza de los volcanes andinos.  Subiremos alrededor de 1000 metros en los lomos de los caballos lo cual que se sentirá como un mundo diferente, bordearemos una laguna y disfrutaremos de las increíbles vistas del Volcán Cotopaxi y de la caída del sol.  Hay una gran posibilidad de avistar animales salvajes como caballos, liebres, pájaros y venados.  Dejemos que los caballos sean quienes nos guíen en una de las maravillas naturales del planeta.

Few experiences can match that of riding through the expansive and horse-friendly terrain of Cotopaxi. Mira is a confident guide who does not require a nose-to-tail trail experience. Rather, each rider is free to ride out at any pace that is comfortable, in the general direction given, on horses that are responsive and sure-footed - the flat, solid ground makes for some great moments for both horse and rider! At that elevation, the sceneray lends itself to an almost spiritual feel (thin air, maybe?) that just makes your time with the horse seem all that more mystical. Mira is right there to share those moments with you-and capture those key photos to send on to you at the end of the day. My son and I completed a six hour ride; I could have happily stayed out for another two plus hours. Horses were healthy, conditioned, and well cared for. The tack was sturdy, and in good repair. Bring rain gear, gloves, and dress in layers. Apply sunscreen! Use sunglasses if you dislike intense light. The lunch provided was substantial and welcome, though Mira brought along a number of other nutritious snacks that were certainly an additional treat! I suggest you ask to exit the park the back way-you’ll see more of the rural life and be treated to a variety of road surfaces that will add to the charm of the overall experience!
— Catherine, Client from the United States

Let’s go & explore the Avenue of the Volcanoes!

For all riders craving to discover the Ecuadorian Andes on horseback, we offer tours of varying lengths on our strong, well-trained horses. Our tours are high in quality, with safety as our first priority. Each start with a detailed introduction from our experienced, bilingual guides, with helmets and ponchos available to everyone. 

For more detailed information and prices please contact us directly. All tours are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs and preferences. 

Para los jinetes a quienes les encantaría descubrir los Andes ecuatorianos cabalgando, les ofrecemos tours de corta y larga duración cabalgando sobre nuestros bien entrenados caballos.  La calidad de nuestros tours es muy alta, empezando por una detallada explicación dirigida por una experimentada guía de caballos, bilingüe, la cual incluye cascos y ponchos para asegurarnos que cada jinete vaya seguro y disfrute al máximo de esta aventura.

 Para mas información detallada y precios por favor contáctenos directamente, siempre nos aseguramos que nuestros tours se adapten perfectamente a tus necesidades y preferencias.


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Our 2/3-day Horseback Riding Tour into the breathtaking Bomboli Cloud Forest is an enchanting combination of wide open paramo grassland fields with volcano views, to deep mystic forest trails. This subtropical montane forest is home to some of the most biodiverse habitats on the planet. It’s profusion of plant life ranges from wax palms or giant guneras (a.k.a poor man’s umbrella) to majestic trees covered with moss, orchids and high-altitude bamboo. Don’t miss the chance for incredible bird watching, as hummingbirds and nightjars are frequent visitors. The diversity of flora and fauna will amaze you during your 5hr rides. Prepare to escape reality and let the horses carry you into an exotic, unforgettable journey. 

Nuestras cabalgatas  de 2 a 3 días adentrándonos en el imponente Bosque Nublado Bomboli, son una encantadora combinación del páramo al descubierto con campos de pajonales con vistas de los volcanes andinos y de senderos donde  internarnos en las profundidades del bosque.  Este bosque subtropical es el hogar de algunas de los mas biodiversos habitantes del planeta, con una increíble intensidad de vida vegetal como palmas de cera, guneras gigantes (la sombrilla del pobre) majestuosos árboles cubiertos de musgo, orquídeas, bamboo de altura, y árboles de helechos, las especies más antiguas del mundo.  El avistamiento de aves es muy popular, hay colibríes, y muchas otras especies exóticas por descubrir. Para agregar, serás sorprendido por la diversidad en flora y fauna que podrás admirar en tu cabalgata de 5 horas.  Alístate para escapar de la realidad y dejar que el caballo te lleve hacia una aventura inolvidable.